Monday, January 9, 2017

The Sweetest Jerk Series

Happy Monday, loves! So excited to share more info on my upcoming series, The Sweetest Jerk!

The Sweetest Jerk Series

The Sweetest Jerk #1
The Sweetest Jerk #2
The Sweetest Jerk #3

New Year’s Resolution: No. More. Jerks.

Natalee Madison's life is finally on the upswing. Her business, Madison Creations, is finally gaining traction, and if she slays a high profile wedding, she could be catapulted to heights she's only dreamt of. 
She doesn't do dating and it suits her just fine, because she ends it before things get complicated. 

And then she sees his face.

Jason Cox. 

The best man. 

And based on their last run in, the biggest jerk alive.

He's dangerous. Lethal for her 'no complications' approach to men, since he's the one that inspired the approach in the first place.

But when she looks into his eyes, she knows that some rules are meant to be broken…

 So, about that ‘No More Jerks’ thing…

Natalee Madison knows better. Guys like Jason Cox never change. A sexy, playboy billionaire can never change his stripes.

But she can’t help but hope that Jason will prove her wrong. Because she’s never wanted anyone or anything the way she wants him.

Falling for a jerk is the worst idea ever, but there’s something behind that ‘take your panties off’ smirk that tells her he’s more than meets the eye...


Once a jerk…

Well, Natalee Madison knew better. But she had to let her stupid heart get in the way. Serves her right.

Just when she’s ready to walk away, Jason Cox, the former title holder for Biggest (and sexiest) Jerk Ever gives her one reason to stay.



P.S. After some debate, I decided against doing pre-order. Sorry for those that prefer that, but I'll definitely let you know as soon as each book is live! <3