Monday, January 30, 2017

The Sweetest Jerk #1 - Now Available!

New Year’s Resolution: No. More. Jerks.

Natalee Madison's life is finally on the upswing. Her business, Madison Creations, is finally gaining traction, and if she slays a high profile wedding, she could be catapulted to heights she's only dreamt of. 
She doesn't do dating and it suits her just fine, because she ends it before things get complicated. 

And then she sees his face.

Jason Cox. 

The best man. 

And based on their last run in, the biggest jerk alive.

He's dangerous. Lethal for her 'no complications' approach to men, since he's the one that inspired the approach in the first place.

But when she looks into his eyes, she knows that some rules are meant to be broken…


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The Sweetest Jerk Series

The Sweetest Jerk #1
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