Saturday, December 29, 2018

NOW AVAILABLE: To Have and To Hold

I don't think I'll ever quit Jacob and Lay...yay for more Whitmores! :)

The Billionaire’s Vow Series
To Have (The Billionaire’s Vow, #1)
To Hold (The Billionaire’s Vow, #2)
For Better (The Billionaire’s Vow, #3)
For Worse (The Billionaire’s Vow, #4)
For Richer (The Billionaire’s Vow, #5)
For Poorer (The Billionaire’s Vow, $6)
To Love (The Billionaire’s Vow, #7)
To Cherish (The Billionaire’s Vow, #8)
Til Death (The Billionaire’s Vow, #9)

Please note: The Billionaire’s Vow Series continues Jacob and Leila’s love story. It is suggested you read their story in order:
1. The His Submissive Series (Venice Nights)
2. The Billionaire's Wife Series
3. The Billionaire Dom Diaries Series
4. The Billionaire and I Series
5. The Billionaire's Baby Series 
6. The Billionaire's Hope (A His Submissive Series Novella)
7. The Loving The Billionaire Series
8.  The Billionaire’s Vow Series (current)

Leila Whitmore was enjoying a blissfully normal, drama-free life with her billionaire husband and daughter—until the woman who brought them nothing but drama roars back on the scene.
This time, Rachel Laraby’s career isn’t in peril, but her life most certainly is…
To Have is the first installment in the Billionaire’s Vow series.

Now available at the following retailers:
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Billionaire Jacob Whitmore’s explosive revelation has Leila reeling. Questioning their  marriage. Questioning herself. But in the midst of it all, even with this hanging over their head, Jacob is her constant. The one thing she can always count on. She’ll have to let go of her anger because fate has another curve ball hurtling their way...

To Hold is the second installment in the Billionaire’s Vow series.