Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year, New Releases! :D

I hope y'all's 2017 is going well so far! My New Year's Resolution is to craft new heroes and heroines for y'all to fall in love with...and also revisit some old characters for you to fall in love with all over again! ;)

Here's the latest:

-My awesome assistant Danielle is running a Naughty New Year's Event on her blog, Ramblings From This Chick. Along with daily giveaways, you have a chance to win a mega prize filled with books and other awesome swag! 

**And for a special treat, my post will go up tomorrow, January 6...and will include your first look at my next release, The Sweetest Jerk (#1)! 

-Since the cat is out of the bag, here's more info on my upcoming release. ;) My new series will follow Natalee Madison, a fiery caterer who's unlucky in love until she makes a new year's resolution she sticks to. No more jerks. Easy enough, right? She takes it one step further and axes commitment all together, focusing on her career. And when it comes to men, she takes a page from their book--when things get dicey/complicated/romancey schmancy....she's out of there.
And then she runs into the billionaire jerk that made her put a barricade around her heart in the first place...

-The next important question is 'when?'
The Sweetest Jerk #1: January 30
The Sweetest Jerk #2: February 13
The Sweetest Jerk #3: February 27

And...I'm popping my preorder cherry with this series! I'll be setting up preorder this weekend, so stay tuned for my announcement when it's available!

Can't wait for you guys to meet Natalee and Jason! ;) 

And Happy New Year! Here's to a year filled with joy, heroines to root for and heroes to lust after. :D


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