Sunday, June 3, 2018

Now Available: Reckless (Billion Reasons, #1)

Q: What's next, Ava Claire?

A: A brand new Ava Claire series!!! :D

Summer is upon us and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate it than diving into a new set of characters (and seeing what kinda trouble I could get them into ;)...

Isadora Chapman is a struggling writer who drives for a ride-sharing company. After a passenger climbs in her car who represents everything she can’t stand with his suit, tie, and Rolex, she can’t wait to drop him off at his final destination—even if he makes her feel butterflies in her tummy (and someplace...lower).

Benjamin Axelrod has never wanted for a thing in his life and rarely hears the word ‘no’. When his path crosses with a beautiful, spunky woman who wants nothing to do with him (or his money), his interest is piqued.
He’s willing to do something a little reckless, especially if it means he gets to know her—and  the sounds she makes when the lights go down...

Reckless is the first installment in the Billion Reasons Series.

Available at the following retailers:

Billion Reasons Series
Reckless (Billion Reasons, #1)
Relentless (Billion Reasons, #2)
Remorseless (Billion Reasons, #3)