Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bear with me...

I know y'all have been waiting for the final book in Melissa and Logan's story and I have an unfortunate update--the book will not be released September 26. :(

Waiting For Always (Beautiful Surrender, Part Five) will be released next Friday, October 3. 

I'm so sorry for the delay, but bear with me--it will be worth the extra week of waiting, I swear!!! :)

The five day, five gift card giveaway is still going on as planned over on my Facebook page, with one small tweak that will allow you to gain more entries. Instead of the release day post this Friday, I'll ask for your favorite steamy scene and/or your favorite line from the series so far. The giveaway will stay open until release day (October 3), so feel free to comment on each post to your heart's content to earn more entries! The five gift card winners will be announced October 3. <3

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Waiting For Always Release and Giveaway Info!

Hi lovelies!

We're inching closer to the conclusion of the Beautiful Surrender series...Waiting For Always (Beautiful Surrender, Part Five) will be released on September 26 October 3!!!!

To celebrate the end of this chapter of Melissa and Logan's story, I'm doing something special during release week.

5 days, 5 gift cards Beautiful Surrender Giveaway!

This giveaway will take place on Facebook from Monday, September 22 until Friday, October 3. I will be giving away 5 $20 Amazon gift cards.

To enter, you will go on my Facebook page starting on September 22, and find the post for the 5 days, 5 gift cards Giveaway. For every comment, like, or share of the post, you get one entry for that day's post. I will pick a winner from each post during the week (A winner from Monday's post, A winner from Tuesday's post, etc).

The five gift card winners will be announced on Friday, September 26.

Here's a preview of the giveaway posts:
Monday's Post: Excerpt
Tuesday's Post: Beautiful Surrender series cast
Wednesday's Post: Beautiful Surrender soundtrack
Thursday's Post: Fave scene from Beautiful Surrender series
Friday's Post: Your favorite steamy scene
Next Friday's Post: Release Day!

Let me know if you have any questions.