Sunday, January 26, 2020

NOW AVAILABLE: First Look (Risk Series, #1)

Dylan Knight is good at getting what she wants: she built her interior design firm from the ground up and married a Dom who makes her heart and body sing.
But she still carries wounds from her childhood, a fear that all it takes is one wrong step, one wrong move to make her whole world come crashing down…

First Look is the first installment in the Risk Series.

Please note: First Look picks up after The Billionaire’s Vow Series. The author suggests you read that first.

Now available at the following retailers:

First Look
First Touch
First Love

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

TEASER: First Look (Risk Series, #1)

Excerpt from First Look (Risk Series, #1)
Copyright 2020 Ava Claire



“Do you know what happens in that house on the hill, little girl?”
My Uber driver had been ignoring all my signals from the moment I slid into the backseat. Everyone knows when you answer, ‘How’s it going?’ with a single word, followed by turning your attention back to your cell phone, you’re not trying to hear anyone’s life story or share your own. He walked right past that, holding me hostage for the longest 20 minutes of my life.
Because my flight landed in Reno after night drenched South Lake Tahoe, I only got a dark outline of mountains, pitch black stillness where the lake was supposed to be. The only bonus on the windy trek from Reno International Airport to the casinos at Stateline was the shuttle driver was not in a chit chatty mood. He focused on the curves, and I got to listen to my tunes and get psyched for my final destination.
Unfortunately, the shuttle ride was quickly followed by a last leg with a driver who was too busy asking me where I was from (North Carolina, though I hadn’t been home since I graduated from college in 2004) and why I was dressed so scandalously.
The only scandal was his eyes, which had been working over my black teddy jacket, crimson bodysuit, and leather leggings from the minute I clicked my seatbelt.
Well, that and the fact that I hadn’t been a little girl in a long time.
I lifted my eyes to meet his leering ones in the rear view mirror. “Do you know what happens when I press this SOS button in the app?”
His gaze narrowed, but he promptly returned to the task at hand. “I was just making small talk,” he muttered.
I could have called his bluff, especially since we both knew that was bullshit. He was just like every other man who helped himself to my body, whether I was dressed in a bodysuit and leggings or a sweatshirt and jeans. Whether I was in a bikini or a flannel and my favorite ratty pair of sweats. Catcalls from open windows, winks on the sidewalk, gazes that lingered on every curve before settling on my eyes and letting me know just how badly they wanted to fuck me.
I learned early on that grinning and bearing it just let assholes think their behavior was okay, so I saved my smiles and energy for people who deserved them.
I flipped back over to my browser, the cryptic website for Risk replacing my annoyance with excitement. Reno may have been Vegas’ country bumpkin sister, but it had one up on it’s glitzy, overpriced was an hour and a half from a sex club that I put on my to-visit list. A sex club that was tucked in the Sierra Nevada mountains, where every naughty dream one conjured up could come true.
I raced my hands through my ebony locks, drifting in and out of the tousled waves before I hit the side of my head that was buzzed short. My mom, who just so happened to be my hopefully temporary roommate, called it ‘G.I. Hoe’—military precision on one side, ready to spread ‘em on the other.
I didn’t find it very funny either.
And from the sparse, black and white images that filled out the gallery page for Risk, this wasn’t a place for laughter, thank god. Finding a venue to explore your kink as a single woman was easier said than done. From the Bay Area to the East Coast, all I could find were clubs filled with men who thought all it took was ‘Hey’ to get in my pants. And if I had the urge to let go, trusting someone enough to submit, my accompaniment was snickers from the sideline. Or worst, taunts from those who were more about pain and degradation than the art of domination and submission, urging my partner to push my limits.
Hit me harder.
Fuck me until I scream.
Make me cry.
It was almost enough to make me give up on it all. Invest in battery operated tools and really yummy fiction books because porn was definitely a no go.
And then a friend told me about Risk.
Biting my lip as my excitement turned erotic, quickening my pulse and making me tap my foot impatiently, I flipped over to my Google Maps application, confirming that we were three minutes away.
The sedan eased off Pioneer Trail, careening down a residential street until it hit a back road that was as quiet as the car. I wasn’t sure if I was expecting some gothic castle like House on Haunted Hill or Beauty and the Beast, but the only thing it had in common with either of those stories was the wrought iron gate, a physical obstruction to keep people out.
Or keep people in...

NOW AVAILABLE: The Billionaire's Vow #6-#9!

Happy 2020,  loves! So happy to announce that all installments of The Billionaire's Vow Complete Series are now available at all e-retailers!

For Poorer (The Billionaire's Vow, #6)

When Leila Whitmore boarded the jet to Hawaii, she thought the most drama she’d have to put up with was how many coconut filled drinks she could down before, during, and after Sebastian and Dylan’s wedding. Her vacation is turned upside down when she learns Jacob wants to open a kink club in their neck of the woods, partnering with a woman who’s made no secret of wanting to sleep with her husband...

For Poorer (The Billionaire's Vow, #6) is the sixth installment in the Billionaire’s Vow series.

Now available at the following retailers:
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To Love (The Billionaire's Vow, #7)

Leila Whitmore knew drama was waiting back on the mainland, but she had no idea she’d have to hunt down a client who went MIA. Or that finding them would be the least of her worries…

To Love (The Billionaire's Vow, #7) is the seventh installment in the Billionaire’s Vow series.

Now available at the following retailers:
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To Cherish (The Billionaire's Vow, #8)

Still reeling from Lexi’s attack. Leila Whitmore isn’t sure she can take any more surprises, especially from the likes of Rachel Laraby. But Carmen Esposito is hellbent on tearing down all things connected to Rachel, Whitmore and Creighton included…

To Cherish (The Billionaire’s Vow, #8) is the eighth installment in the Billionaire’s Vow series.

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Til Death (The Billionaire's Vow, #9)

We need a gun.
It’s the first thought that comes to Leila Whitmore’s mind when she learns that her friend is in danger.
Leila has to save her—by any means necessary.

Til Death is the final installment in the Billionaire’s Vow series.

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And if you prefer to read the entire Billionaire's Vow series in a single volume, that's also available now, $4.99 for a limited time!

The Billionaire's Vow Complete Series

Leila Whitmore never thought she’d find ‘the one’, or that he’d end up being Jacob Whitmore, the delicious billionaire CEO of Whitmore and Creighton. 

She didn’t expect to dive headfirst into the world of BDSM, or to discover that submission was the missing piece she didn’t know she needed.

And after the Whitmores do their best to focus on the future, Leila has no idea that the worst is yet to come.

A new threat that has her saying four words she never thought she’d say: we need a gun.

The Billionaire’s Vow Complete series includes all installments of the best-selling series in a single volume:

To Have (The Billionaire’s Vow, #1)
To Hold (The Billionaire’s Vow, #2)
For Better (The Billionaire’s Vow, #3)
For Worse (The Billionaire’s Vow, #4)
For Richer (The Billionaire’s Vow, #5)
For Poorer (The Billionaire’s Vow, #6)
To Love (The Billionaire’s Vow, #7)
To Cherish (The Billionaire’s Vow, #8)
Til Death (The Billionaire’s Vow, #9)

Now available at the following retailers: