Friday, April 4, 2014

Whisper is Now Available!

Fresh off the success of her teen drama TV series Carolina, California, movie executives want her to headline their blockbusters, and record executives are vying for the chance to release her first solo studio album. And then Mia starred in three movies that took her from household name to household joke.

Mia made more mistakes than she can count, turning to anything that can numb her pain. What the world doesn't know is that her mother is much worse than any pill she swallowed. Despite her best efforts, Mia can't quiet the screech of her past, nor the swan song of her waning fame.

Until she meets him.

Liam Walker knows all too well what it's like to fall from grace. He's a soulful rocker with a one-hit wonder under his belt, but he still believes in love--and he believes in Mia. He doesn't know how to save what's left of his career, but he knows that they belong together. He breathes for her.

If only she would let him in...

Whisper is a spin off story from the best-selling His Submissive series. Whisper is a New Adult (NA) romance.

Whisper is available at the following retailers:
Barnes and Noble

And if you haven't grabbed your copy of It's In His Kiss, it's now available exclusively at Amazon. (p.s.: and that's definitely not the last time you'll see Melissa and Logan--Waiting For Me-part 2, will be out on May 9! And it'll be from Logan's POV ;) More info on their series coming soon!!)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happenings! And Releases!

So...April is a pretty jam packed month--and I can't wait to share all the awesomeness with you guys.

First, there's the release of the It's In His Kiss boxed set.

So thrilled to be part of this boxed set! My short story is featuring two brand spanking new characters (and hopefully, a new Dom for you to fall madly in love/lust with!)

Here's the description of my story, Waiting For You:

In “Waiting for You,” Melissa Foster’s dream getaway to Santa Cruz becomes a solo trip after her boyfriend dumps her. Who would have guessed that wealthy entrepreneur Logan Mason would be part of her vacation package?

My ARC team has had overwhelmingly positive things to say about the story and the possibility for a His Submissive treatment (continuing the story as a serial/installment release), so I can't wait to hear what yall think!

It's In His Kiss is available exclusively at Amazon. Pick up your copy here.



When I first thought up Mia Kent's story, I knew I wanted to eventually dive in and explore what it was like to grow up in the public eye. Whisper picks up after Mia Kent's once superstar career has cooled off...she's more known for partying than talent--but she wants to change. And kick her overbearing mother to the curb.
The last thing she was looking for was love...but she connects with Liam, who also knows all too well what it's like to be famous--and have it all ripped away.

Whisper will be released April 4.



I love giveaways and book tours--and this month, I have three fun events happening!

Whisper Book Blitz Tour (March 31-April 6)
Check out the following blogs and enter to win one of five Amazon gift cards!

March 31, 2014

April 1, 2014

April 2, 2014

April 3, 2014

April 4, 2014

April 5, 2014

April 6, 2014
It's In His Kiss Book Blitz (April 4)

Whisper Goodreads Paperback Giveaway (Contest open until April 20)
*Giveway is open in the US, Great Britain, Australia, and Canada.*

Enter to win one of five paperback copies of my NA romance, Whisper.
Enter here.

Lots of fun stuff...and May is gonna be even better! ;)

Thanks for reading and your support. xx

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Upcoming Releases and Updates!

I wanted to pop in and give y'all some updates on some upcoming releases and happenings that are coming up in the next few weeks.

Whisper is coming soon!

When I created Mia Kent, I was inspired by a combo of child stars gone bad and binge watching Dance Moms and Toddlers and Tiaras. I wondered about the little girls beneath all the glitter and screaming lights and how they really coped with the pressure.

I hinted in the His Submissive series that Mia's mother was toxic, and you'll find out just how much in Whisper--and how terrified Mia is that her sister is also on the path toward fame at any cost, thanks to Mommy Dearest. All Mia has is her career and regret--until she meets Liam.

Whisper will be released April 4.

I'm also doing a book blitz with Xpresso Book Tours. If you have a blog and want to participate, check out the link here. Or you can just follow me on tour and enter to win stuff. :) I'm giving away a bunch of Amazon gift cards, so stay tuned for details!


It's In His Kiss Boxed Set

Super excited about a box set I'm part of! The box set includes 6 short stories, all vacation themed.

Six Authors, Six Delicious Vacation Romances

Going on vacation never felt so good! Six steamy stories, six sexy men to take you away from it all and sweep you off your feet. Each sweet and spicy novella is approximately 10,000 words (35 pages) and is available exclusively in this collection. Your vacation getaways include:

Ashley Blake: In “Kisses on Fire” (Amazing Love #2.5), the last thing broken-hearted Abby Hunter is looking for is a vacation romance with sexy, mysterious Zane Andrews—until she finds the courage to stop running and start healing.

Ava Claire: In “Waiting for You,” Melissa Foster’s dream getaway to Santa Cruz becomes a solo trip after her boyfriend dumps her. Who would have guessed that wealthy entrepreneur Logan Mason would be part of her vacation package?

Rosalind James: In “Just for You” (Escape to New Zealand #0.5), rugby star Hemi Ranapia meets a beautiful—and very unimpressed­—blast from his past, and finds his fishing holiday taking a most unexpected turn.

Sabrina Lacey: In “The Fall” (Throbbing Hearts #0.5), Brendan Clark receives the gift of a weekend in Mendocino to lick some romantic wounds, and discovers an older woman with a broken heart of her own.

Kimball Lee: In “Curing Charlotte” (The Surrendering Charlotte Chronicles), publishing magnate Alexander Bly hopes that an exotic vacation will help Charlotte Christiansen regain her lost memories of their love. But the real cure may be in his kiss . . .

Ellie Meade: In “The Best Man,” Maid of Honor Kayley Frost finds herself in sunny Aruba, attending a wedding she should have never agreed to. After meeting the sinfully sexy Best Man, she discovers her long-lost confidence returning—and her world being set on fire.

It's In His Kiss will be released April 2.

Thanks for reading!