Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Quickie.

So this is gonna be a whambamthankyouma'am kinda post. I just wanted to let yall know I'm officially on Twitter! My ID is avaclairewrites:

Follow me! Like, for reals--because I have one follower lol. Well technically I had three...but two were scantily clad spambots. I'm still getting a handle on it and trying to find people to follow, so feel free to leave twitter IDs in the comment section and I'll swing by and follow you!

The last thing I wanted to do was something that I put up in my last post, but because of all the indie review drama, I worried it was in bad taste, but after having a few days think on it, I don't think I'm being sketchy asking people to leave a review for The Billionaire's Touch unless I was like, "You guys!!! Please leave me five star reviews if you loved the book!"

So...if you loved it, hated it, or are somewhere in between, I'd love it if you could leave a review for The Billionaire's Touch. Reviews can sometimes be the deciding factor on whether a new customer decides to give a book a try and they also help writers pick up on things to change and ways to improve. All in all, good for everyone. :D (And thank you to those of you that have left reviews for Billionaire's Contract!!!)

So that's it. Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A surprise!

So, I pretty much have the best fans in the world. Y'all send me the sweetest emails, leave the awesome-st comments and keep me on my toes. :) So I decided that I'd give you a little teaser from the first chapter of The Billionaire's Passion part 3 of the His Submissive series!!!!

Excerpt from The Billionaire's Passion (His Submissive Series, Part Three)
Copyright 2012 Ava Claire
Please do not republish/copy/distribute without express permission from the author!


I was in that fuzzy place between dream and awake, where unicorns flapped their glittered wings and Jacob and I floated down the Grand Canal, our toes grazing the surface of the turquoise water. Before, I would have held tight to that place where he was mine and anything was possible, but I forced my eyes open with a smile on my face. I breathed in the warmth of his cologne then ran my fingertips along the dark hair that lined his forearm. Jacob Whitmore had not only given me the best sex I'd ever had, but he hadn't disappeared in the night.
Reality was finally better than any dream I could conjure up.
I let my eyes glaze over his sleeping form. The sprinkle of light streaming in from the window turned his golden skin a kaleidoscope of brown, each shade more luscious than the last. I moved my hand up to his muscled bicep, the firmness of it making my body clench with want. Half his face was in shadow, but the part of it I could make out was beautiful in the morning light. The strong jawline, sharp nose, high forehead--all of it was perfection, like Michelangelo himself had chiseled him from marble. I let my fingers run through his mahogany locks, playing with the soft waves that fell perfectly back into place. He looked amazing and I-
I went rigid. He looked perfect, like he had a group of makeup artists waiting in the wings, but I knew I looked anything but. I didn't need a mirror to know that my curly hair was a knotted mess. I was betting that I had sleep caked around my eyes and a healthy dose of dried up drool around my mouth. And my breath--oh God morning breath...
This won't do, I said in a silent panic, almost leaping up until I realized any sudden movement might wake him. And then he'd see me looking like the Bride of Frankenstein.
I sucked in air between clenched teeth and tried to calm the nerves that were making me shake. I just had to take it slow. Nice and slow.
I shuffled my hips to the right, stopping when I heard him stir. I laid there for a moment, faking sleep before I tried moving again, wiggling until I felt the edge of the bed. Now I just had to swing my feet over and I could duck into the bathroom.
"Where do you think you're going?"
I gripped the cover, his question gluing me in place.
Shit shit shit. "H-hey! Just running to the bathroom." I brought myself up, making sure he couldn't see my face. "I'll be right back."
"Not so fast." His voice was thick with sleep but the authoritative tone was crisp and awake.  "I want you."
Three words and I couldn't help but look back at him, wondering if he was still conked out. But his eyes were hardened obsidian and when he licked his lips and reached for my arm, I just about melted into him. He wasn’t asleep. He wanted me. Crazy hair, drool, and all. It excited me--and made me even more self conscious.
"I'm just gonna take a shower."
"No." Anger gripped the word so tight it sent a pang of fear through me. "You're going to lay back down."
I wasn't sure how a man of his height and width launched from the bed and towered over me in a blink of an eye, but he pulled it off and I found myself sliding back onto the mattress. His gaze was terse and domineering. "For once, you're going to shut your mouth and do exactly as I say."
I should have told him that it was too early for him to be pulling this bdsm stuff, but instead, his coarse order made me hot. Hot enough to forget that I wasn’t looking my best. Hot enough that I opened my mouth, but not to say something snarky.
“What do you want me to do?” I swallowed, remembering the brief reading I’d done on the plane about being a good submissive. “What do you want me to do, Sir?”


Part 3 is coming along and I'm having so. much. fun. writing it. This one's gonna have a lot more bdsm elements and I can't wait for you guys to see Jacob's dungeon. :D

That's all for now...hope you guys enjoyed the excerpt!

P.S. I haven't forgotten about setting up a Twitter account...still trying to think up a good handle. Any ideas?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Billionaire's Touch is Out!!!!

SO happy to announce that part 2 of the His Submissive series is officially out and available for purchase!

Here's the description:

When Leila Montgomery said yes to being billionaire Jacob Whitmore's assistant and submissive, she had no idea she was in for a whole new wardrobe worth thousands of dollars, private jets, and a first assignment in Venice, Italy.

She barely has time to catch her breath, especially when he's near, making her heart race and her temperature rise. Still, she can't help but think about his track record and wonder if he'll tire of her like all the rest.

But when an old flame of Jacob's comes back into the picture, Leila will have to face the fact that she's fallen hard for her dominating boss.

This book is a lot meatier than the first (12k+ words instead of 8kish) and I really felt like I could flesh out Leila and Jacob and really bring out the colors of their characters in this book. Super nervous about having this story 'out in the wild' since I worked so hard on it, but I can't wait until you guys read it and tell me what you think!

You can pick up The Billionaire's Touch at the following retailers:

All Romance Ebooks
Barnes and Noble