Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What Do You Want to Read Next?

First off, I want to say how much yall mean to me. Your unwavering support of me and my stories...it's amazing. I am *so* lucky to have each and every one of you--which is why I've decided to ask for your feedback so I can determine what to release next (after I release The Billionaire's Promise (Part Eight) on 4/19/13.

Here's a description of projects I have in my queue:

More Leila and Jacob:
I kind of see their story as three huge parts: Falling in love (parts 1-4), Being in love (parts 5-8), and Affirming their love (9-12).  Can't say much more about parts 9-12 without spoiling part 8, but I'm so excited about writing it!

More Cass and Chance:
The His Dark Lessons series picks up after Cass and Chance have been broken up for three years because of his betrayal. The prequel will focus on how they met and fell in love, before things fell apart.

Megan and Cade:
*spoiler alert* (sorry if you haven't snagged book 7 yet!) Megan's still reeling from a brief romance with a fellow teacher and still healing from years of being with a man who couldn't keep his junk in his pants. The last thing she was expecting was to fall for a celebrity.
After Cade lost his wife, he encased his heart in ice...until he met Leila Montgomery. After she spurned his advances, he settled on friendship--and met her bff, Megan. Megan's tongue is sharper than Leila's but she has a big heart and he's determined to win it.

Meet Sage and Deacon:
Sage Murrow doesn't believe in happily ever afters anymore...not after her Mom turned to the bottle when hers evaporated and her father hit the road--and DEFINITELY not after her first love dumped her and showed up at the diner she works at with his new piece of tail. When a beautiful stranger speaks up for her when a customer is being a douche, she has no idea that the stranger is rock star Deacon Stone--and he has his eyes set on the one woman on the planet immune to his charms.
Deacon Stone is used to getting what he wants. He works hard and plays even harder--which is why his band sends him on an involuntary break to get his head on right and take care of family issues. When he stops at a diner in Middle of Nowhere, USA, the last thing he expects is to meet a saucy waitress that has no idea who he is and even when she finds out, could care less. What starts off as a challenge becomes something he thought he'd never find...real love.

Meet Ellery and Xavier:
Ellery Wright has hated Conrad Holloway as far back as she can remember. A bad business deal that Holloway made with her father left her family bankrupt, her father drinking himself to an early grave and her mother having to work two jobs to keep a roof above her head. When Conrad dies before she can exact revenge, she learns that his son Xavier has inherited his father's empire.
Ellery is set on vengeance for her family and all the other families that the Holloways have destroyed, but she wasn't counting on falling for Xavier.

Now here's where you come in. :)  All the above projects will be released in 2013, but I want your help to decide me what I should release next. There's a survey below and all you have to do is rank the above projects 1-5 (#1 being what you'd like to read next, #2 being what you'd like to read after #1, and so on ). Because your feedback and general fantastic-ness mean so much to me, I'm also holding a rafflecopter giveaway where your feedback=a chance to win a $20 AZ giftcard!

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You'll get an entry in the giveaway for each of the following:
-Taking the survey
-Commenting on this blog post stating why you picked the #1 that you chose
-Signing up for my newsletter (I won't spam you, promise! I'll only send out a newsletter for new releases) Click the link to subscribe to my newsletter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway The survey and giveaway will be live until 4/3/2013!


  1. First off, thank you Ava for another wonderful giveaway, and taking your time to do this. Second, I'm so happy for you! Having all these wonderful ideas ready. SUPER EXCITED!

    #1) I WILL NEVER GET TIRED OF JACOB AND LEILA. And I'm truly ecstatic about the upcoming releases. Having them affirm their love for each other - just MAGICAL!

    #2) More Cass and Chance! gotta love my daily dose of student teacher affairs ;)

    #3) Ellery and Xavier: sounds intense, totally intrigued!

    #4) Sage and Deacon: I think I'm ready for new characters to come into my life, and pull at my heartstrings even more!

    #5)Megan and Cade: this is last most likely because I still haven't gotten the chance to heal my heart from Cass and Chance! Kind of not ready to have my heart broken again with this. but nonetheless, I'm sure this is just as wonderful :')

    1. Yay! Glad you're not tired of Jacob and Leila. :D

      Thanks for the feedback, Claudia!

  2. That was hard! I want them all!!
    But I went

    1. Jacob and Leila
    2.Cass and Chance
    3. Cade and Meg
    4.Sage and Deacon
    5. Ellery and Xavier!

    I am sooo pumped!! You rock babe!! <3

    1. Another vote for Jacob and Lay! :) Your excitement about all the projects has me squeeeeeing...thanks for the feedback Sam! <33

    2. Always babe! You are one of my favorites authors! Jacob and Leila I could never grow tired of. They need their own show, I swear! And so excited to read anything else Hun!! You rock!!<3

  3. I love Jacob and Leila and I can't get enough of them which is why they are my #1! -Jay Samia