Friday, March 1, 2013

New Release!

If you've been on Leila and Jacob's journey from the start, you know how hard it was for Jacob to let her in because of his past. But he let his guard down...and then Rachel, Jacob's ex-lover, convinced Leila to play her game. Leila went along with it, thinking she was protecting Jacob, but it was still a betrayal.

And she's done it again.

Just let that sink in. This strong, powerful man doesn't trust people--but he trusts the woman he loves. Or at least he did.

Actions have consequences. And Leila and Jacob's road to happily ever after won't be an easy one.

Leila Montgomery is in trouble.

When she comes clean about her secret meeting with action star Cade Wallace, her boyfriend, billionaire Jacob Whitmore, is furious. After finally getting past his walls, Leila must regain his trust while thwarting Cade's efforts to woo her.

But Jacob has a secret that will shake the very foundation of their relationship and define their future...

Amazon is fashionably late, of course--but it should be up later this afternoon/early evening and I'll add the link as soon as it's live.

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Thanks for all the comments, recommending the series to your friends, reviews, and emails. I <3 you guys!!!


  1. Stupid Amazon!!!!!!!!
    I'll keep checking back! Have a wonderful day and can't wait to get it!^_^ love you baby girl!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Never mind! Just got it!! :-D WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!

  3. I just finished!!
    Leaving my review!! I cannot believe what happened! I'm a little ticked at Jacob, really mad at Leila and Cade and UGH! WOW< great Ava! Cannot wait for 7!!!!!!!!!!

    1. So happy that you enjoyed it! I knew this one would be an emotional read (it was hella emotional to write...I wanted to wring Leila's neck! And don't even get me *started* with Cade lol)...thank you so much for reading and reviewing. <33

  4. I couldnt imagine how it would be to write this stuff, being a reader and wanting to kick some ass, lol. But I sooo cannot wait until 7!!!! That's going to be exciting I can tell. My fear is she's mad at Jacob and will run to Cade.

  5. Love, love, love!!! when will part7 be out??/ Can Not Wait!! Love this Ava! Keep writing!!

  6. When oh when will part 7 and 8 be released??I'm hooked! Love it!!! Can not wait to see what happens next....!!!!Just downloaded your other books, to keep me!

    1. Hey Tam (that's my bff's name btw! :)...part 7 will be out March 22 and part 8 will be out April 19! Thanks for commenting and happy reading ;)