Friday, March 22, 2013

New Release!

The Billionaire's Lust is Out!

Even though I shared the cover yesterday, here it is again because I am in *lust* with it ;)

The Billionaire's Lust is available at the following retailers:

Barnes and Noble 

Hope yall enjoy...I had SO much fun writing it <3


  1. Replies
    1. YAY!! Going to buy it!
      Can't read it until Sunday. I'm beta reading for a friend ;-)
      I can't wait to read it!!! Woooo!!

  2. Omg! Leila finally got her backbone! I loved it, i love this couple! I dont know what i'm going to do if it ends! I hope there is more with Cade though, i'd like to see jacob jealous and see hiw he handles it! I'd like him to chase leila a bit and have her use some assertiveness on him!
    I love this couple..... Thanks for creqting them Ava Claire!

    1. So glad you're in love with Jacob and Leila as much as I am! :) Thanks for reading and commenting, Schae! <3

  3. HOLY BALLS!!! Jacobs mom is a beotch!
    The nerve! It was amazing Ava! Cannot wait for the next installment. I hope Meg and Cade get together! That would be nice.
    Loved it babe. Going to leave my review when I get home!;-)
    Thank you soo much!

    1. I was trying to channel Victoria Grayson from Revenge when I created Jacob's mom...but I think Alicia Whitmore is more in your face with her bitchyness and Victoria is a lot more covert. :)

      Thanks for reading and reviewing, Samantha! (And good catch with Meg and Cade ;)

    2. YES!!! I could totally see it!
      I can't wait to see what happens with her. I hope Leila "throws down" with her, lol. Or Jacob gives he the boot! I am loving these two more and more every time. I never want them to end, should make a tv show on just them!
      Love it!
      Thanks babe!<3
      Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!