Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Winner Announced and the His Submissive Series Complete Collection!

Thanks to everyone that participated in the His Submissive series Mega-Giveaway! 616 entries...definitely the biggest participation level I've had for a giveaway and it means a lot to me that y'all took the time to follow, tweet, and share what you'll miss about Leila and Jacob. <3

Without further ado, here are the winners of the giveaway:

$50 Amazon Gift Card: Envy (#181)
His Submissive Hoodie #1: Claudia Liu (#306)
His Submissive Hoodie #2: Sam Stettner (#463)
His Submissive T-shirt #1: Kayla Orton (#199)
His Submissive T-shirt #2: Neria McCoy (#492)
His Submissive Prize Pack (Mug/Button/Sticker) #1: Tammy Spowart Rollo (#262)
His Submissive Prize Pack (Mug/Button/Sticker) #2: Stephanie Ann (#465)
His Submissive Complete Series Paperback #1: Victoria Jade Kelly (#71)
His Submissive Complete Series Paperback #2: Linda Robertson (#599)
His Submissive Complete Series E-book #1: Siobhan Ioannou (#113)
His Submissive Complete Series E-book #2: Maura Gutierrez (#56)

I'll be emailing all the winners today! Congrats and thanks to everyone that participated!!!


Y'all asked for The His Submissive Series combined into a single (ish) volume, and your wish is my command! :)

Here's the e-book cover:

Here's the paperback cover(s):

The His Submissive Series Complete Collection is available in e-format at the following retailers:

Amazon (ebook)
Barnes and Noble
iBooks (pending)

Snag your copy of the complete series in e-book format for 2.99 for a limited time...it will go up to 9.99 soon!

And for those that want your L+J in glorious paperback format, the links to volume 1 and 2 are below!
Volume One
Volume Two