Monday, September 16, 2013

Updates and Happenings

So things are moving along and I can't wait until I have the entire His Submissive series ready for yall!

I've hit a few hiccups. The entire series in paperback clocked in at a whopping 950 pages.

Apparently, the longest book Createspace will print is 850 pages, so I had to split it up in two books for the paperback version.

Book One will have parts 1-7
Book Two will have parts 8-12

I'm so sorry yall...I was really hoping to have one big book full of L+J, but the series was just too full of awesome apparently. The e-copy of the complete series will still be one huge book though, so yay for that.

The giveaway is still going, so check out the blog here to enter to win loads of stuff. Gracias to everyone that has participated. You guys are the bestest. <3

**p.s. Those that win a copy of the His Submissive series in paperback will still receive the entire collection (Book One and Book Two)


  1. I will love it no matter if it is in two books or not, this was a fantastic series.

  2. when will they be coming out in e-books?

    1. It will be out in e-book form on Oct 1!

  3. Hi i have been reading on the series...
    Just a heads up... I think it was in 3 and 4 some names seems to have been switched around...

    1. Thanks for the head's up, Louise! It's been fixed in the complete series collection.