Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Billionaire's Trust (Part Eleven) Update

I have some not-so-great news--The Billionaire's Trust (Part Eleven) due out this Friday (July 26) will not be out on Friday.  The new release date is August 3, 2013.

I know yall are really looking forward to the final parts of Jacob and Leila's story and I want to give it to you and make it as awesome as you deserve! I sincerely apologize for the postponement.

I will be hosting a rafflecopter giveaway here on my blog, starting on July 26-August 3 for a $26 Amazon Gift Card (as an apology for the delayed date--and also 'cuz I just like giving stuff away!) so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that.

I've decided that my final giveaway for this series when I release Part Twelve in late Aug will be:

-$50 amazon gift card
-T-shirt with quote from book
-Free full series e-copies 
-Free full series paperbacks

Speaking of, what are some of your favorite lines from the book? What would you love to see on a t-shirt? :)


  1. ahh I can't wait for the full paperback!! It'll be great to re read all the parts; and this time in one complete book! I'm so excited for you, Ava! :)

  2. Hey Ava - what time is part 11 released? I can't wait to download!

  3. I cannot find Part 11, I am looking forward to downloading the book. Please let us know when it will be released. Thank you.

  4. {long, slow blink}......i'm really trying to be patient......I really want to read this.......{long, slow, blink}, I can't wait much longer.......on hands and knees.....AVA, PLEASE!