Friday, July 26, 2013

The Billionaire's Trust Giveaway!

Here's the rafflecopter:

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To win:

  • In the comment section of this blog post, share your favorite quote/lines from the series!
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The giveaway is live until August 4 @ 12AM.

Can't wait to read yall's favorites <3


  1. Hi Ava I have a ton of favorite lines but I'll only post a few and not go crazy, lol! - Jay AhSoon Samia

    The Billionaire's Contract (1):

    "You're going to do what I say," he continued, his breath sending a wildfire of passion over me. "Because secretly, you wonder what it's like to be on your knees."

    The Billionaire's Lust(7):

    "You like being bad, don't you? he said huskily. "Making me punish you?" "Yes sir," I said breathlessly.

    "You're my forever, Leila."

    The Billionaire's Desire (9):

    "I want you. I'm going to take my fingers and sink them inside of you right here because you are mine. Period."

  2. "I promise you, I’ll never love anyone else. Can you handle that, Leila? Can you give me forever?"


  3. "your my forever, leila"

    "i promise you ill never love anyone else can you hadle that, leila, can you give me forever"

    Love those two lines.. from such a alpha male <3

  4. "I promise you, I’ll never love anyone else. Can you handle that, Leila? Can you give me forever?"
    That is my most favorite one ever. All the other ladies have pretty much taken mine. Haha <3

  5. "Can you give me forever?"

  6. "Is that--?"
    "It's yours. It should have always been yours."

  7. I am so excited for this release. I almost want to wait for the last one so I don't have to wait in between. But I know I won't. I feel like things have been going too well with Jacob's mother and Rachel being soooo quiet. I feel like the last book was the calm before the proverbial shit storm to come.

  8. So excited for its release, but sadden that we're one more closer to the end...

  9. I love this line: "It's me and you, Leila. Always." Can't wait for the next installment!