Thursday, February 14, 2013


I hate it, hate it, HATE when I have to delay things because I know you guys are so amazing and engaged with my stories and when I say something's coming out, it should be out.  Unfortunately, I have a personal emergency so I'm gonna have to delay the release of The Test. It's completed and I got it back from my editor/beta reader but since this one is longer (over 20k words) I want to read it again and make sure it's perfect. It's the last of Cass and Chance's story, so I want to do them justice.

I'll update with the release date asap. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding. <3


  1. That's fine darling . Take your time and hope all is ok. And can't wait to read it!
    Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart!<3

  2. Okie dokie! Hope everything works out for you : )

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