Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Billionaire's Girlfriend Excerpt

We're literally 2 days from the release of The Billionaire's Girlfriend and I have a steamy excerpt to share!!! As y'all already know, no one does steamy quite like Leila and Jacob...

Enjoy. ;)

Excerpt from The Billionaire's Girlfriend
"What do you think?"
I had a feeling it was a rhetorical question because how could I think when I was smack dab in the middle of opulence fit for the glossy pages of Architectural Digest?
It wasn’t enough that Jacob had his own private keyed elevator, but the sun filled loft was something to behold. Beams of light glittered on every surface and every square inch was more amazing than the last.
The expansive living room and fireplace were flanked by lush couches, generating a clean, modern feel. The separate dining room could have been pretentious but instead it had a classic lived in ambiance, mixing dark wood and paneling. The library room off the dining room was lined with books and opened up to an amazing terrace that overlooked the bustling city. A floating glass staircase ascended to what I was sure would be even more exquisite furnishings and views.
Jacob moved up behind me, his touch igniting the familiar pull between my legs. I turned and looked up at him. Nothing compared to seeing desire for me in his impossibly blue eyes. How was it possible that our unlikely pairing felt as right as breathing and as vital as the heart thumping in my chest?
I licked my lips, zeroing in on his and he on mine. I wanted him so bad I could taste it.
"I'm guessing the tour is over," he said huskily, his fingers dipping into my curly locks and pulling me close.
"Not quite," I said, pressing my body into his and feeling physical, hardened proof that great minds really do think alike. "I still haven't seen the bedroom."
It should have been jarring to be jerked up a flight of stairs, but it didn't bring me down from cloud nine where my head was occupied with thoughts of Egyptian cotton and fluffy pillows to scream into as he ravaged me. His urgency didn't snap me awake or give pause because I knew it would be only moments before I could dive head first into him. Moments before he devoured me.
He threw open the door and wasted no time with pleasantries about the exquisite hardwood floor or the beautiful paintings hung with care. He didn't even bother with unzipping my dress, instead, ripping flowing fabric up past my knees. The growl of approval he gave when he found I was going commando made me tremble because he felt it too; the overwhelming desire to fuck.
There was a second guttural, animal like sound and then I felt his hot, wet mouth on me. I dragged my fingers through his dark locks, tugging as his lips circled my clitoris and sucked. All the blood in my body rushed to the nub in his mouth, engorging it as I writhed in his erotic hold. I tossed my head back and forth, wriggling as his assault made me lose my mind. It was all too much and not enough at the same time.


  1. OMG!!!! LOVE IT!!! SOOOO excited!! :-D

  2. Is this still coming out today? I hope so I am soooo eager to read it.