Friday, January 25, 2013

New Release!

Sorry this blog is coming a little late in the day (evening for East Coasters) bf swept me away for a surprise lunch and an afternoon of retro LA and yummy Ryan Gosling goodness:

Gangster Squad was all kinds of amazing, but you guys don't read my blog to read about my love of all things noir (and the Gos!) so I'll get to it.

The Billionaire's Girlfriend is out!!!!

Amazon *finally* approved'd think Jacob and Leila were getting it on every five pages or something. ;)

Introducing Leila as his girlfriend to the world was *the* most romantic thing Jacob has ever done...but it's also opening their relationship up to public scrutiny. And what happens when they land back in the states from their Mediterranean escape and have to deal with living and loving with little to no privacy? I tried to answer those questions in part 5 and I hope yall enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed penning it!

You can pick up your copy of The Billionaire's Girlfriend at:
Barnes and Noble


  1. Wooo!!!!!! Glad you had a good day and just bought and I will share it around a always!;-) sooo excited for this!!:-D <3

  2. A freaking mazing as always!!!! Wow, cannot wait for more! Tha k you darling!!<3

  3. Ps- if Cade comes between them I will soo kick his ass lol.

    1. Lol I almost spewed coffee all over my keyboard. :D You and me both, Samantha...You and me both. ;)

  4. Good to know I've got some back up! But something tells me it's a set up? Either that or he really is diggin her. But you are a sneaky woman and nothing is ever how it seems. and now I have to waitro find out what happens with the pictures, whatever shall I do. Sigh, Ava, you are too good!!!!!!

  5. LOL I need to avoid reading comments ;-; but I can so imagine Jacob getting all jealous because of this "Cade" *__*

  6. Oooo I need the next book like yesterday ha ha