Thursday, November 10, 2016

Spoiler Alert: To Trust A Billionaire Sneak Peek!

My apologies again for the delays with the final two installments of The Billionaire's Baby Series. In yay-worthy news: To Trust A Billionaire (The Billionaire's Baby Series, #4) will be released on November 15! I know some of my readers prefer to wait until the entire series is out before they read, so I decided in the interest of not spoiling the story, I'd put the sneak peek on my blog. ;)

Spoilers ahead, loves!


Excerpt from To Trust A Billionaire (The Billionaire's Baby Series, #4)

My throat closed, panic wrapping around my vocal chords and squeezing until tears sprang to my eyes. I faced Alicia, blinking rapidly because I’d almost forgotten about her altogether. From the way her lips were moving, the volume lost somewhere in my breakdown, she hadn’t forgotten about me.
My nostrils flared as I gave my head a shake, trying to dislodge the images that cut through my mind.
Jacob, staring deeply into me, eyes flickering with lust as his lips curled into a smirk—a smirk that was ripped from his face as some unknown fist sailed towards his jaw.
“Leila, who was that?” Alicia leaned in, her stormy eyes narrowing with thinly veiled suspicion and indignation that I’d be so rude as to answer the phone during our impromptu lunch date.
I didn’t answer her. I couldn’t tear myself away from the horrific images that were now seared onto my brain. My heart dropped as I imagined his blue eyes swollen shut. Watched the blossoming of red as blood vessels exploded from the  onslaught of the blows.
“Jacob…” I croaked, a sob clawing its way through the zen music that taunted me, like Angelique Entoine hadn’t just dropped a nuke that obliterated everything. Wooden flutes and the dribble of water across smooth rocks didn’t belong in this nightmare.
“Jacob?” Alicia parroted back, picking up her mug.
I frowned, watching her move in slow motion. When had the waitress brought over drinks?
How was the world still turning while my husband was…
Alicia pursed her lips and took a sip that made me want to slap the mug right out of her hands. “I’m sure he’s annoyed that I’m in his general vicinity. Please inform my son that I will get his wife and child back to him-”
“Jacob was taken, Alicia!” I shrieked. I almost yanked my hands to my ears because I heard my shrill voice echoing over and over again. It was a brutal crescendo that everyone in the building heard from the way everything around us fell silent. “One of my clients…” I couldn’t even say Angelique’s name without gagging, so I just skipped to the point. “They’re holding him at your house!” The name that I’d been trying desperately to ignore, the person that I refused to keep me shackled in fear, did just that. My next sentence came out in tortured bits and pieces. “Eichmann…has…Jacob.”
I expected Alicia to leap from her chair, her usual composed exterior splintering into a million pieces. I expected questions, sputtering from her lips like the broken teeth Jacob was probably losing as we sat here in this stupid cafe.
I got nothing.
No blinking.
No heat rushing to her cheeks.
No toppling of furniture or ruining of her perfectly assembled outfit.
No questions.



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