Monday, June 6, 2016

Irrational (Underneath it All: Book Two) is Now Available!

Irrational (Underneath it All: Book Two) is Now Available!

There's a reason billionaire Jackson Colt doesn't do love: Sadie McLeod. Now that she's shut him out completely, he can't fathom a life that doesn't have Sadie in it. She makes him weak. Vulnerable. For Jackson, that's unacceptable. But getting her out of his head? That's impossible.

Sadie McLeod should know better. Guys like Jackson don't live happily ever after with women like her. She didn't realize how badly she wanted happily ever after, how badly she wanted Jackson, until he was gone.

Can they take the leap into the unknown, into the terrifying and find the love they crave?

Irrational is the second installment in the Underneath it All series.

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