Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Now Available: His Love (The Billionaire Dom Diaries, Part Four)

It's here! It's here! Thanks for coming with me on this crazy roller coaster ride inside Jacob's head...Ireland, Paris, crazy Alicia/crazy Brit, and Jacob and Lay weathering it together...I hope you guys have had as much fun reading as I've had writing it. <3

Billionaire Jacob Whitmore can remember when the biggest obstacles he faced with his wife was exploring the world of D/s and a celebrity ex determined to destroy their relationship. Kidnappings, crime lords, and now a truth that nearly brings him to his knees...any rational person would run for the hills. 

For Jacob, there's no escaping this. 

Can they weather the storm and finally find the peace they deserve? 

His Love is the final installment of the best-selling The Billionaire Dom Diaries series.

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What's next?

Jacob and Lay will always be my first love and I def will do more stories about them. As far as my next release, I'm putting out something new and different--and hopefully y'all will be just as excited about it as I am! :)

Because You Want Me (Falling For You, Book One)--May 29
Because You Need Me (Falling For You, Book Two)--June 26
Because You Love Me (Falling For You, Book Three)--July 24

Penny Robertson just wanted to get through the events leading to her sister's wedding with as little drama as possible. Smile until it hurt, avoid questions about her lack of someone special, then put it all in the rearview.
She wasn't counting on traipsing to The Red Door Club--or meeting the drop-your-panties sexy businessman, Xander Wade. Xander has a proposition for her: if she agrees to pretend she's his girlfriend for a month, he'll go with her to the wedding...and pay her twenty thousand dollars.
It seems like easy money; a business arrangement that benefits them both, but she wasn't counting on falling for him.

Xander Wade works hard and plays even harder. CEO of a cutthroat investment firm, his philosophy on romance is no strings attached.
When his ailing father threatens to boot him from the company if he doesn't settle down, Xander makes a choice to play the game. He'll pretend he's the marrying type for a month, then go back to the jet set life. No complications. No love.
He wasn't betting on Penny. A month seemed like a breeze before her. Now, a month isn't long enough...

Because You Want Me (Falling For You, Book One) is the first book in the Falling For You trilogy.


Note: My most recent releases have been serial/installments...because I like to switch it up, the Falling For You series will be a little meatier. The books won't stand alone, but it won't be as cliffhanger-y as my last series with me putting it out as I write it. Any questions/comments/feedback is, as always, welcome and appreciated! <3

**And for Jacob and Lay fans...The Whitmores will be back in August!**


  1. OMG, I just finished reading Because You Need Me, and I'm so excited about part 3 that I can't wait to see what happens next. I hope Penny and Xander will find their way through this mess and her sister and mother stops hurting her. I'm so excited to see what's next