Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Billionaire's Wife (Part Four): Now Available!!!

The Billionaire's Wife (Part Four) is now available!

Leila Whitmore was taken. 

The pieces still don't fit, but one thing is clear...Cole Sommers isn't what he seems. 

The only danger Leila faced before was heartbreak but as the billionaire's wife her very life is at stake... 

The Billionaire's Wife (Part Four) is the thrilling conclusion of the Billionaire's Wife series. 

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Based on reader feedback, I decided to continue Jacob and Leila's story...but with a slight twist. ;) The new series will be from Jacob's POV!

The Billionaire Dom Diaries Series

Billionaire Jacob Whitmore doesn't talk about his feelings. Feelings are weakness. Being vulnerable isn't an option.
And then he met Leila.
For a man that was all business and saw emotions as the greatest taboo, he can't help but feel when she's near. 
And then she's taken.
His whole world stops spinning.
Now, the emotion that drives him is revenge...

Release Schedule:
His Need (The Billionaire Dom Diaries, Part One): March 13
His Desire (The Billionaire Dom Diaries, Part Two): March 27
His Passion (The Billionaire Dom Diaries, Part Three): April 10
His Love (The Billionaire Dom Diaries, Part Four): April 24


  1. oh I can't wait to read more Jacob and Leila and from his POV! So excited!