Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 Days, 5 Gift Cards Giveaway: Day Four

One of the best things about diving back into Leila and Jacob's world is the chance to create new, vivid characters that you guys will love (or love to hate ;). I think I'm pretty sure I know which camp Jessica Lenoir will fall into lol.

Here's an excerpt from The Billionaire's Wife (Part One) where Leila meets Jessica for the first time!

(P.S.: The Billionaire's Wife (Part One) will be live tomorrow. Yay!!! :)

"Are you Leila?"
I spun on my heels, trying to keep my annoyance on its intended target. Like Natasha who had a penchant for just letting people stroll into my office.
But when I faced Jessica Lenoir, I didn't feel remotely guilty for the scowl on my face. It went perfectly with the haughty expression on hers. I'd been expecting the woman from the gossip columns; bleary eyed, still dressed in her wrinkled dress from the night before, smudged makeup, teetering all over the place because she was still a little drunk.
The woman before me looked like she wouldn't just dominate a boardroom, but she'd chew it up and spit it out. She wore a blood red blazer with a ivory blouse beneath and tailored black slacks. Her heels knocked against the hardwood floor as she made herself at home, behind my desk.
She tossed a curtain of deep brown hair, jade green eyes cutting me off at the knees until I felt two feet tall. "So I'm here. Now what?"


  1. Not sure I am liking Jessica! LOL! We will see. Thx!

  2. So excited to read more of Leila & Jacob!!!