Friday, April 4, 2014

Whisper is Now Available!

Fresh off the success of her teen drama TV series Carolina, California, movie executives want her to headline their blockbusters, and record executives are vying for the chance to release her first solo studio album. And then Mia starred in three movies that took her from household name to household joke.

Mia made more mistakes than she can count, turning to anything that can numb her pain. What the world doesn't know is that her mother is much worse than any pill she swallowed. Despite her best efforts, Mia can't quiet the screech of her past, nor the swan song of her waning fame.

Until she meets him.

Liam Walker knows all too well what it's like to fall from grace. He's a soulful rocker with a one-hit wonder under his belt, but he still believes in love--and he believes in Mia. He doesn't know how to save what's left of his career, but he knows that they belong together. He breathes for her.

If only she would let him in...

Whisper is a spin off story from the best-selling His Submissive series. Whisper is a New Adult (NA) romance.

Whisper is available at the following retailers:
Barnes and Noble

And if you haven't grabbed your copy of It's In His Kiss, it's now available exclusively at Amazon. (p.s.: and that's definitely not the last time you'll see Melissa and Logan--Waiting For Me-part 2, will be out on May 23! And it'll be from Logan's POV ;) More info on their series coming soon!!)


  1. Can't wait to read this!! thank you for another wonderful story :D xoxo

    1. Hey you! :) Hope you've been doing well, Claudia--and happy reading!

  2. I love how you make me fall in love with your characters. I love Leila and Jacob, Melissa and Logan and I now love Mia and Liam!! I usually love one half of the pair, but you write such great characters that I love the complete couple :-)