Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day--and a Cover Reveal!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I plan on stuffing my face with chocolate and binge watching House of Cards with my hubby. What are you doing to celebrate V-day?


I usually wait to share my covers closer to the release date, but I am so in love with the cover Sarah from Okay Creations did that I can't wait any longer!

Here's the cover for Mia Kent's story, Whisper!

Mia Kent lives a charmed, tortured life. 

Fresh off the success of her teen drama TV series Carolina, California, movie executives want her to headline their blockbusters, and record executives are vying for the chance to release her first solo studio album.

When Mia turns eighteen, she spreads her wings--and makes more mistakes than she can count. What the world doesn't know is that her mother is much worse than any drug she could shoot into her veins, and despite her best efforts, Mia can't quiet the screech of her past nor the cacophony of fame.

Until she meets him.

Liam Walker knows all too well what it's like to fall from grace. A soulful rocker with a one-hit wonder under his belt, he believes in love--and he believes in Mia. He doesn't know how to save what's left of his career, but he knows that they belong together. He breathes for her.

If only she would let him in...

Whisper will be released March 28!

Add it to your Goodreads shelf here.


Other Announcements:

  • Stolen's release is right around the corner...I'll have an excerpt coming your way next week!
  • The sequel to the His Submissive Series is happening! It will be a 3-4 part serial novel from both Jacob and Leila's point of view. :) More info on that to come.

Thanks for reading!


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