Thursday, November 14, 2013

Poll Results and Updates!

The results are in...

An overwhelming number of yall would like to read the spinoff with Megan and Cade first!
77 want to read Megan and Cade and 7 want to read Chance and Cass.

Your wish is my command--after Venice Nights release, Megan and Cade's story is next!!!

As far as His Dark Lessons/Chance and Cass, I'm combining the three parts of His Dark Lessons into a single collection (like I did with the His Submissive Series Complete Collection) and releasing it so you can read up in preparation for their prequel release. The His Dark Lessons Collection will be released in ebook and paperback on November 29.

If you picked up a copy of the His Submissive boxed set, you're aware of the tentative release schedule I posted at the end of the book (as well as the Upcoming Projects page on this site). To allow for editing/beta-readers/promotion-y type stuff and put out the best books possible, everything has been moved back a month.

Here's the updated schedule:
December 20: Venice Nights
January: Megan and Cade
February: His Dark Lessons Prequel

I'm sorry for the delay...but I'm just trying to give you guys the awesomest stories that you deserve. And *hopefully* it's worth the wait! Thanks for your patience and support. I heart every single email, facebook share, and comment! #bestfansever <3

Any questions? Comment below or shoot me an email.


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