Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Swag, Giveaway, and Updates!

So much is going on as we inch closer to the release of the final part of the His Submissive series!

As far as t-shirts/swag for the His Submissive series, here are the final designs:

Design 1:

 Design 2:

Design 3:

 Design 4:

 Design 5:

(My Mr. created the Whitmore and Creighton logo!)

Starting tomorrow AM, I'm offering a chance to win all sorts of t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs galore (as well as free e-copies and paperbacks!) stop back by to get your Rafflecopter on.

As far as the giveaway goes, tweeting and commenting about your favorite parts and things you'll miss is all you have to do to enter to win. Full details will be posted when the Rafflecopter goes up. Since this is a mega giveaway, it'll last until the release of the complete His Submissive series in paperback, which will be late September.

As far as the release of The Billionaire's Forever (His Submissive, Part 12), a release date of August 23 is just cutting it too close.
The updated release date is August 30. It's the culmination of everything, so I want to do their HEA right! Also, it'll include a first look at a surprise project...

Venice Nights!

In the His Submissive series, I picked up part five (The Billionaire's Girlfriend) after Leila and Jacob had already come back stateside after some steamy good times in Italy. I've decided to do a small prequel project giving you more background into L+J falling in love with the backdrop of the Italian countryside (and Jacob's yummy playroom!).

It'll be a two part series. The first will be released in October, the second in November.

For those that are Leila and Jacob-ed out, you can pass on this addition. It only expands on their story and you know how it ends if you've read parts 5-12. But for those that love the dominate-y bits and can't get enough of this couple, you won't want to miss this! :)

That's all for now...if you have any questions at all, email me or leave a comment below.



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