Friday, April 19, 2013

The Billionaire's Promise--Now Available!


Rachel is back. :D


Jacob is apparently making some promises. :D :D :D

Rachel drives me as crazy as she drives y'all and she definitely shakes things up in part 8. And let's not forget about Mama Whitmore--she's barely met Leila and is already stirring up trouble.

The Billionaire's Promise (Part Eight) is available at the following online retailers:


p.s. I'll be announcing titles/release dates for parts 9-12 later on tonight, so stay tuned~ 

p.p.s. Pinky promise this will be the last time Amazon's not live with the rest of the gang...even though I submit the manuscript in time to meet their window and have it live in time for Release Day, there's so many outside factors like finicky manuscript reviewers at KDP and Amazon glitchin'. So I'm just gonna have to have the book live on Amazon maybe a day before the others. Y'all don't mind, right? :) 

p.p.p.s: Was playing around with Photoshop today. Found this amazing photo on DeviantArt and added one of my fave bowchickawowow quotes from The Billionaire's Promise.


  1. Stupid Amazon!!
    Can't wait babe!!!!!!! Sooooo excited!!
    And that pesky Rachel!!