Sunday, November 18, 2012


Just wanted to pop in and let you know what I've been working on and what's coming out soon/coming up:

-My new serial, His Dark Lessons, is about a student and her dominant professor. I'm really looking forward to yall meeting Cassandra Woods and Dr. Chance Crawford. :D

Here's a *tentative* schedule for the serial release:
--The Student (His Dark Lessons, #1): November 26
--The Teacher (His Dark Lessons, #2): December 28
--The Test (His Dark Lessons, #3): January 18

And your eyes aren't deceiving you...part one should be out this Friday! Release has been moved to Monday, November 26, after the holiday weekend.

-I'm pulling together all the parts of the His Submissive serial and publishing it as a single book in paperback format. I'm getting it professionally formatted then publishing it through Createspace so it's going to take a couple of weeks, but I hope to have it ready before Christmas. :) I'm also planning on giving away a couple of autographed copies to followers of the blog. More updates on that in the weeks to come.

-And for the fans of the His Submissive serial, I'm definitely not done with brooding billionaires. My next serial after His Dark Lessons will go back to the boardroom and jetset life.

So many exciting things going on! Hope you guys have been doing well and thank you for all of your awesome reviews, comments, tweets, and emails. Best. fans. ever!!!


  1. EEEEEEEEEEE I sooo would love an autographed book! And I cannot wait for this new series! <3 Sounds amazing!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEE :-D

    1. Haha your excitement is always contagious! :) :)

    2. I CANNOT WAIT! You are in my top 5 favorite authors. And this series is in top 5 favorite also. I cannot wait for this story!!!!

  2. Ohhh! I'm SUPER EXCITED! I love student teacher affairs!! :3

    1. Me too! Short story--I took a theatre class my freshman year and it was lust at first sight with my professor. He always made me feel all tingly and amazing and like I was a better actress than I really was. Six years later and he still remembers my name. :)

    2. OMG! So jealous right now! All my professors are too old at my university. When will I ever get my own little adventure? ):